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Welcome to a space where clients share their personal experiences from their time with me. Dive into their stories to have a taste of the possibility of transformation and the profound journey of self-discovery and healing that awaits.

Gentle abstract waves, signifying the continuous flow and growth experienced in a client's personal development journey.

So grateful for the session with Frank which highlighted, explored and healed a very important topic in my life. Since the session I feel stronger, more resilient and independent. Frank's presence and guidance creates a safe space which allows you to take a deep dive inside yourself. This a great modality for quick and lasting shift. Thank you Frank.

Ula, Poland

Pathway-themed abstract art, symbolizing the exploration and progress made in transformational coaching.

My session with Frank went much deeper than I expected. It revealed the source of the disconnect in my father wound and explained why I've been having trouble showing up for myself. Frank guided me through the session with a gentle and compassionate touch, creating a safe space that added an extra layer of healing to my father wound. I am incredibly grateful for the valuable piece of the puzzle that this session provided. Thank you so much!

Lisa, Netherlands 

Gentle abstract waves, signifying the continuous flow and growth experienced in a client's personal development journey.

Frank, your extraordinary gift of giving has profoundly impacted me. In my 36 years of journeying through deep, painful places, nothing has touched me quite like your approach. The depth of change you've facilitated is beyond words – it's a profound 'wow' and a heartfelt 'thank you.' I am immensely grateful for your kindness and generosity; you've dedicated hours and days selflessly to aid in my healing. This rare opportunity to work with you has been a blessing. Meeting and knowing you has been a transformative experience, powerfully energetic, especially after confronting such excruciating pain. Thank you, truly.

Chandra, United States

Pathway-themed abstract art, symbolizing the exploration and progress made in transformational coaching.

After starting Family Constellation therapy with Frank, I've experienced significant relief and embarked on a healing journey. Frank's empathetic coaching helped me overcome anxiety and self-destructive patterns, fostering self-kindness and inner child nurturing. My self-relations and external relationships have greatly improved, leading to positive life changes. Daily, I grow in self-trust and recommend Frank for his expertise, kindness, and unwavering support. I'm deeply thankful to Frank for his transformative impact on my life.

Niharika, India

Serene abstract landscape, representing the balance and harmony achieved through personal growth coaching.

At first I asked myself if I could afford to let Frank coach me. The questions has changed after the first session to the point that I am asking myself if I can (want) to afford not to do it. 
Each session has led me to profound insights and I am infinitely 
grateful that Frank is there to help me implement it in "Real Life".

Deborah, Germany

Lively abstract color splashes, echoing the vibrancy and courage in a client's journey with family constellation therapy.

I am very grateful for the family constellation session with Frank. I felt so safe that I was surprised how easily I could connect with my emotions during the session. I felt a huge relief on the topic after. I have done constellation work before and I love it, but this was my best experience so far: Frank is amazing in holding a heart-centered, non judgemental space.This was the key for me that made the experience so much deeper

Cecile, Germany

Muted abstract background, echoing the peaceful, grounding experience of inner work in coaching sessions.

Family Constellation sessions with Frank are highly recommended - I found that it gave me a hidden insight into the way my dynamics functioned during my childhood and how that affected my career and relationships during adult life. Very interesting psychoanalytical and spiritual tool for growth.

Floyd, India

Sunrise-themed abstract art, symbolizing new beginnings and hope fostered through transformational coaching.

It's difficult to put into words the depth of this experience. Frank is an amazing facilitator who will guide you with kindness and understanding. He knows how to make you feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. I highly recommend attending this workshop and simply letting the magic happen. It's a very deep and beautiful experience. Namaste.

- Céline, French

Bright, abstract imagery reflecting the joy and empowerment a client found in their journey of personal growth.Bright, abstract imagery reflecting the joy and empowerment a client found in their journey of personal growth.

Frank exudes a kind and calm Facilitator that immediately puts one at ease and helps one to become safely vulnerable. He communicates with minimal words and allows space for the work to do the work, for the somatic experience to truly unravel as it wants to. As a participant i felt heard, seen and understood. I highly recommend working with Frank to bring powerful shifts in your inner - work journey in a manner that is gentle and secure. Thank you Frank for holding the space with such love, faith and integrity.

Anvita, Israel

Cool, calming abstract tones depicting the clarity and understanding gained in Family Constellation therapy.

 The Constellation Day was very insightful and helpful in many ways. It helped to shed light on issues that are at the root of my current problems. It was also interesting to see how themes in other participants' constellations partially resembled my own. This is such a magical modality, revealing deeply rooted patterns. Frank is an excellent facilitator, and I am very grateful for this opportunity to dig deeper into my subconscious.

- Eva, Poland

Warm, inviting abstract hues conveying the nurturing environment of a coaching session for personal development.

This is a powerful tool if you get stuck with yourself, since many challenges have their roots in our families. It was my first workshop, but I was surprised to feel other people and to see how we find the truth together. Despite the heavy topics it was even fun and I really liked the energy of Frank and how he guides us. Since the workshop I am feeling a general change inside, such as lighter and more alive.

- Samuel, Germany

Energetic abstract lines illustrating breakthroughs and discoveries made through transformational coaching.

I highly recommend joining a Family Constellation facilitated by Frank. His dedicated attention and support makes it special experience and brings you beyond your habitual thinking patterns and believes

- Julia, Finland 

Soft, flowing patterns representing the gentle path of personal growth and self-awareness in coaching

The constellation with Frank helped me realise and accept some things about my past and the past of my family that are affecting my ability to love and to be open to love now. I would recommend this session to anyone, it is very healing and many things adjust in a energetic, mental and emotional level of our lives. It's very powerful and touching. Thank you Frank for holding the space for my vulnerability with such care and attention.

- Svea, Italy

Vibrant abstract art symbolizing the dynamic process of growth and change in Family Constellation work.

Doing my first constellation with Frank was a real gift. I immediately felt secure, a place where I could genuinely work on myself without any discomfort. It is unbelievable how accurate he was in guiding the session. He truly is a mindful person, and I felt grateful for choosing him to discover this beautiful way of diving into my roots, speaking with my ancestors, and seeing myself more clearly.

- Rébecca, United States

Abstract swirls mirroring the transformative journey in personal coaching, as experienced by a client.

My first meeting with Frank was also my initial experience with family constellation therapy. We were in a small group, and my only thought was 'how can I escape from this place?' I felt so uneasy and completely out of place. Shortly after, I contacted him again to express that I do not fare well in group settings. Frank kindly suggested a one-on-one constellation session. I was very skeptical but agreed to proceed. And wow, it worked perfectly well! Frank does a wonderful job. He's compassionate and leads you slowly but effectively. He is a good person with a true gift.

- Els, Israel

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