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Meet Frank Guenther: Dive into the world of Spiritual Life Coaching and Family Constellation with an expert dedicated to guiding you toward deep, transformative growth.


Contemplate New Horizons: Learn about Frank Guenther, a dedicated Spiritual Life Coach and Family Constellation expert, who guides you to explore and expand your personal boundaries for profound growth.

About ME

My journey to self-discovery began with a deep desire to rediscover myself and life. From meditating in Thailand to transformative experiences in Ecuador, and engaging intensely with family constellations under Svagito Liebermeister, each step significantly contributed to my personal growth and understanding.


In Koh Phangan, where I started practicing yoga and meditation, I found myself deeply longing for inner peace. This longing sparked a journey to explore the depths of my inner self and the essence of human existence. It became the driving force behind my spiritual exploration.

However, back in Germany, it was as if a floodgate opened within me, releasing fears, anxieties, and a deep-seated sadness that I struggled to understand. Urban life became increasingly unbearable, and even the company of friends and acquaintances felt burdensome. It took months before I realized that my decision to give up drugs and alcohol, along with my daily meditation, allowed me to open up. This brought out deep-seated fears and emotions that overwhelmed me. However, I did not know how to handle these unfamiliar feelings. I also did not dare to confide in friends, as I saw myself and what was happening as wrong. What would my friends think of me?


During my one-year stay in Ecuador at the Earth Pulse community, I engaged intensely with myself and my belief systems. During this time, I participated in a three-week tantra course that opened my eyes to new perspectives on interpersonal relationships.


In Nicaragua, in the tantric community of Inanitah, I deepened my understanding of Tantra, assisted in Gaia's workshops, and completed her facilitator training. Encountering family constellations there was a pivotal experience that significantly shaped my path. Motivated by the profound impact of this method, I returned to Germany to expand my knowledge and skills in family constellation work with Svagito Liebermeister.


Since integrating family constellations into my coaching work, my practice has evolved into a wholly transformative experience. On my travels since November 2022, I offer online coaching, family constellations, and transformative workshops. Additionally, I founded the collective "Beyond Coaching" with friends to support people on their journey to self-discovery through free workshops and coaching calls. 


My daily meditation practice and continuous inner work enable me to observe my thoughts and subconscious actions, and when necessary, change them to explore my highest potential. I am curious to what extent I can influence my reality through my thoughts and inner attitude.


If you too are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and wish to discover your true power, I warmly invite you to a free conversation with me.

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Meet Frank Guenther: Discover your guide to transformation. As a Spiritual Life Coach and Family Constellation expert, Frank is committed to helping you unlock your deepest potential and achieve lasting growth

My Work

The Power of Inner Attitude

We live in a world where we project our inner attitudes and beliefs into our external environment. Our external reality is created based on our inner beliefs, which are deeply rooted in our subconscious. Thus, our thoughts and beliefs are reflected in the outer world and shape the reality we experience.


Reflection in the Present

Take a moment to consider your conscious beliefs and attitude towards yourself. How do these reflect in your daily experiences? This reflection allows you a deeper understanding of how your present is influenced by your inner attitudes. Over 100 beliefs or different aspects are buried in our subconscious, shaping our experiences in the outside world. 


Taking Responsibility

This means that we do not have to be in a victim role in life.(If you are interested in learning more about the Victim-Perpetrator dynamic, you can read my blog entry). Everyone can take responsibility for themselves and face their inner shadows. By changing our inner world, we not only influence our own perception but also the perception of the external world, leading to a change in reality over time. In this way, we have the opportunity to become any person we want to manifest in our lives. But first, we must face our shadows in the subconscious, as these energetic entanglements with the past shape our subconscious. Once we resolve these entanglements, we bring our energy into the here and now. Through this process, we bring more and more things from our subconscious to our consciousness. We continuously evolve into what we are at our core – pure consciousness. From this energetic foundation and with the support of our minds, we are able to manifest anything in our lives that aligns with our true self.


How We Release Your Entanglements from the Past

If we decide to work together, we will focus on exploring your beliefs. These are often passed down through generations and can originate in childhood or through traumatic experiences. Often, it is a combination of these factors.

To explore and resolve these issues, we use various techniques. These include "Parts Work," work with the inner child, exploring belief systems (according to Bryon Katie's methods), family constellations, Somatic Release, and other specialized approaches. The goal is to uncover hidden or split parts of your personality, repressed emotions, and traumatic experiences passed down through generations that can manifest in your life in different ways.

These deeply rooted patterns prevent us from bringing our full energy into the here and now and thus living our lives to the fullest.


Discover Your True Self

Join me on a journey into your inner self. Let go of who you think you are, and discover a new dimension of your personality. Free yourself from old patterns and begin to live your life from a place of strength and clarity.


Your Transformation Begins Here

This is your invitation to take the first step towards a fulfilled life. In our free initial consultation, we will explore your individual challenges together and outline a path for overcoming your beliefs and inner blockages.


Book a Free Initial Consultation to Experience Yourself

Join me on a journey into yourself. Let go of who you think you are. Get to know yourself in a new way and free yourself from your old self.

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