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Step Forward with Confidence: Join Frank Guenther in online Spiritual Life Coaching and Family Constellation sessions. Navigate your path to personal transformation wherever you are.

Online Coaching

Unlock Your True Potential 

Inner Compass: Pathways to Self-Unfolding

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Reflection in the Present

Take a moment to consider your conscious beliefs and attitude towards yourself. How do these reflect in your daily experiences? This reflection allows you a deeper understanding of how your present is influenced by your inner attitudes. Over 100 beliefs or different aspects are buried in our subconscious, shaping our experiences in the outside world. 

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How We Release Your Entanglements from the Past

If we decide to work together, we will focus on exploring your beliefs. These are often passed down through generations and can originate in childhood or through traumatic experiences. Often, it is a combination of these factors.

To explore and resolve these issues, we use various techniques. These include "Parts Work," work with the inner child, exploring belief systems (according to Bryon Katie's methods), family constellations, Somatic Release, and other specialized approaches. The goal is to uncover hidden or split parts of your personality, repressed emotions, and traumatic experiences passed down through generations that can manifest in your life in different ways.

These deeply rooted patterns prevent us from bringing our full energy into the here and now and thus living our lives to the fullest.

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Your Transformation Begins Here

This is your invitation to take the first step towards a fulfilled life. In our free initial consultation, we will explore your individual challenges together and outline a path for overcoming your beliefs and inner blockages.

The Power of Inner Attitude

We live in a world where we project our inner attitudes and beliefs into our external environment. Our external reality is created based on our inner beliefs, which are deeply rooted in our subconscious. Thus, our thoughts and beliefs are reflected in the outer world and shape the reality we experience.

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Taking Responsibility

This means that we do not have to be in a victim role in life. Everyone can take responsibility for themselves and face their inner shadows. By changing our inner world, we not only influence our own perception but also the perception of the external world, leading to a change in reality over time. In this way, we have the opportunity to become any person we want to manifest in our lives. But first, we must face our shadows in the subconscious, as these energetic entanglements with the past shape our subconscious. Once we resolve these entanglements, we bring our energy into the here and now. Through this process, we bring more and more things from our subconscious to our consciousness. We continuously evolve into what we are at our core – pure consciousness. From this energetic foundation and with the support of our minds, we are able to manifest anything in our lives that aligns with our true self.

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Discover Your True Self

Join me on a journey into your inner self. Let go of who you think you are, and discover a new dimension of your personality. Free yourself from old patterns and begin to live your life from a place of strength and clarity.

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Book a Free Initial Consultation to Experience Yourself

Join me on a journey into yourself. Let go of who you think you are. Get to know yourself in a new way and free yourself from your old self.

My Approach:

  • Fulfillment Over Superficiality: Together, we'll go beyond mere career or life goals. We'll delve deeply into your subconscious to uncover the true roots of your aspirations and challenges, allowing you to discover your true purpose.

  • Self-Understanding: Recognize that 90% of your decisions are driven by your subconscious, which was formed in your childhood. Learn to harness this knowledge for your true well-being.

  • Individual Guidance: Every person is unique, and that's exactly what I take into account in my coaching. I'll show you paths but give you the freedom to find your own.

  • Results: Boost your self-confidence and find greater goal-directedness to not only achieve but exceed your career and life goals.

  • Profound Insights: By understanding your inner world, you gain deep insights that enable you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Let's embark on this journey into your innermost self together and create a life full of meaning, power, and genuine fulfillment.

My Coaching Techniques: Unlocking Transformation from Within

  • Parts Work:

    • Your inner world is often made up of different 'parts' that influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Through Parts Work, I help you identify these inner entities, understand their needs, and harmonize them for a more integrated self.


  • Inner Child Work:

    • Childhood experiences shape our adult lives in more ways than we realize. With Inner Child Work, I allow you to revisit these formative years to heal old wounds and liberate your inner child, facilitating emotional well-being and greater self-love.


  • Belief Systems:

    • Your belief system acts like a lens through which you see the world. I help you identify limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and replace them with empowering beliefs that align with your true purpose.


  • Family Constellation:

    • Family dynamics can significantly impact your personal growth. Through Family Constellation, I explore these invisible bonds and help you release any ancestral patterns that may be hindering your progress. To discover more about Family Constellation and explore other transformative topics, please use this link to visit my offerings page.


  • Somatic Release:

    • Your body holds onto emotional traumas, often manifesting as physical discomfort or illness. Using Somatic Release techniques, I focus on releasing this trapped energy, leading to improved physical and emotional health.


  • Intuitive Work:

    • Sometimes, the answers you seek are already within you. Intuitive work taps into your innate wisdom, helping you trust your inner voice and make decisions that serve your higher self.

Let's embark on a transformative journey together. Using these holistic techniques, I aim to help you create a life full of joy, purpose, and genuine fulfillment.

 90-Minute Free Exploration Call

Ready to take the first step toward transformation? I offer a 90-minute free exploration call to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and give you a taste of how these techniques can serve you. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite change in your life.

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