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Grandmother and grandchild together, representing the healing of generational trauma through Family Constellation therapy, as explored on our page.

Free Online Family Constellation Sessions

Resolve Generational Trauma​

Ever wondered if virtual Family Constellation can be as powerful as in-person sessions? Let’s explore the surprising benefits of online Family Constellation Session!

Like many, I was initially skeptical about moving Family Constellation sessions online, fearing a loss of connection and depth. Additionally, I had no prior experience in guiding an online Family Constellation session.

However, working in an online format offers those who do not have access to a Family Constellation container the opportunity to participate in a session and experience the transformative power behind this healing approach. So, I decided to confront my fears and give it a try. At the beginning of 2023, I offered my first online Family Constellation session. This move was a profound learning experience that has greatly enriched my practice. After some initial challenges, I mastered the most efficient ways to hold and guide Family Constellation sessions online. But once I did, I learned not only the best ways to offer Family Constellation in an online setting but also how to integrate the Family Constellation approach into my regular one-to-one coaching sessions for the client's benefit.

I’ve witnessed the transformative power of combining external family work, such as Family Constellation, with internal family work, like inner child healing. This holistic approach bridges the gap between healing emotional wounds from our childhood and uncovering the entanglements to our ancestors through Family Constellations, offering a comprehensive path to healing.

I also appreciate the comfort and privacy that online sessions provide. In the security of their own homes, people feel less vulnerable and more at ease, which fosters a greater openness and allows for a deeper dive into their personal journeys. After the sessions, participants have the space to fully process and integrate their experiences at their own pace. 

I have never experienced a situation in either my online or on-site sessions where I couldn't maintain the space, and we had to abort a constellation due to overwhelming emotions or other reasons. If you have any concerns regarding this, I completely understand.

If you are considering participating in a family constellation but feel doubtful or uncertain, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We warmly invite you to join our weekly Family Constellation groups. Click on the 'Join us Now' button, leave your email address, and we will send you an invitation. We look forward to welcoming you

How Family Constellation Works

Family Constellation is characterised as a unique and transformative approach to healing. It expands beyond the boundaries of conventional therapeutic methods by digging deeper and not only considering the surface of our own life experiences. Family Constellation penetrates to the roots of traumatic experiences, which are often hidden in our ancestral lineage.


Unprocessed, traumatic experiences of our ancestors often cast shadows that influence our lives. These experiences are passed down from generation to generation and can manifest as limiting beliefs, problematic relationships, and physical and mental illnesses. Unconsciously, we can even repeat patterns and undergo similar traumatic experiences as our ancestors. This cycle often goes unnoticed but influences our lives profoundly. Family Constellation sheds light on these hidden dynamics, paving the way for healing and transformation.


All of this happens because a deep energetic bond exists between us and our family members. This connection means that we not only bear the burden of our own traumatic experiences but are also entangled in the unprocessed traumas of our ancestors.


Such entanglements are often the unspoken reason for our difficulties in interacting with others, challenges in manifesting our life path, and struggles to accept and love ourselves. In Family Constellations, the dynamics of these entanglements become visible. It reveals how clients are drawn to other people through such bonds and are prevented from following their individual paths.


How a session proceeds:


In a personal session, we focus together on a specific issue that is currently bothering you. Then, I explore traumatic events within your family with you. The collected information serves as the basis to decide which family members we will symbolically represent in the constellation.


At this point, the magical journey begins. You immerse yourself in the energies of each represented family member and experience how these individuals feel deep inside. This enables a deeper understanding and compassion for your family members and can represent the first step towards healing.


We might invite missing family members into the constellation to complete the whole picture. From here, we follow the energy that leads us to the origin of your brought-up issue. You might confront traumatic events from the past of your ancestors. During the session, suppressed emotions can emerge and flow, releasing blocked energy within the family

Through the use of affirmations, we promote clarity and strengthen a healthy family image. We explore together the steps needed to integrate the insights and healing from the session.


A Family Constellation not only offers you healing but also contributes to the transformation of the entire family energy. You not only embark on your healing journey but also simultaneously exert a healing effect on the entire family system. This encounter enables us to recognize and heal the entanglements with our ancestors. By resolving these old bonds, we can unfold our strength more freely and uninhibitedly and actively shape our future.


Discover a One To one Family Constellation Session

Discover the transformative power of our sessions with a free introductory consultation. This individual online session is designed to give you a taste of what we offer. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, this free opportunity allows you to familiarize yourself with our approach and determine how it aligns with your goals.

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