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A visualization of a Systemic Constellation, capturing the intricate web of relationships and energy flows within systems, highlighting paths to understanding and harmony.

Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellation Work is a transformative method that sheds light on deep relationship dynamics and unconscious patterns within families, organizations, or individual life paths. This enables profound insights that allow for the integration of behaviors patterns in personal life or functional structures in business.

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is characterised as a unique and transformative approach to healing. It expands beyond the boundaries of conventional therapeutic methods by digging deeper and not only considering the surface of our own life experiences. Family Constellation penetrates to the roots of traumatic experiences, which are often hidden in our ancestral lineage.

Business Constellation

By employing a Business Constellation, companies gain profound insights into hidden connections and subconscious dynamics that can significantly contribute to success and development. This method allows for a deep dive into the core issues of a company, going far beyond the surface to recognize and strategically align internal dynamics and relationships. Uncovering deeply rooted patterns and influences from the subconscious, companies acquire a crucial competitive advantage, enabling them to refine their strategies and achieve their goals more effectively.

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